Fallen Angel, Half Sheet

Fallen Angel

You’d never know it from the mousey part she plays in tFallen Angel, but Alice Faye was one tough cookie. The cop’s daughter from Hell’s kitchen was barely a teen when she scored her first job as a chorus girl in 1929.  Two years later she hooked up with notorious letch Rudy Vallee and became his jailbait protégée.  Adultry scandals followed, but sheer talent won out –she well on her way to stardom.  During her years as a musical superstar, Alice Faye managed to introduce twenty-three songs to the hit parade, more than any other female Hollywood movie star. During her peak years, she was often considered the female equivalent to Bing Crosby. During this time she made numerous musicals which were pretty light on the plot, but were successful moneymakers for the studio. By 1938 she was Fox’s top female star.

In 1945, Faye could pick and choose material at Fox.  She rejected one script after another until she was handed the script for Fallen Angel. Excited to finally play the big drama queen, Faye signed on to the Preminger vehicle. But when she saw the final cut she went ballistic. Zanick had greatly expanded the part of Linda Darnell and cut Faye’s substantially. And, horror of horrors, Zanick cut her big singing solo. AND, he had Linda play the song on the jukebox instead! The insults were too much to bear. Faye walked out on her contract. In retaliation, Zanick had her blackballed from doing another film for years.

Never fear for Faye’s career. She plunged back into radio with her husband, Phil Harris. The pair  hosted a spin-ff of Jack Benny’s radio show a couple years later and turned it into a kind of situation comedy/variety act that was quite ahead of it’s time. Kind of like Lucy and Ricky Meet Sonny and Cher . Old Time Radio Network has 65 episodes of their show available for download at no charge.

For what it’s worth, Zanick was right. Faye’s character reminds me too much of Olivia DeHavilland in Gone With the Wind. Oozing glowing goodness. The thought of Faye breaking out into song at the beach like Nanette Fabrey would have been a real Noir killer.


Near Mint. Fallen Angel Half Sheet. 1945. Bright clear colors. Professionally backed. Minor tears (1/4″ -1/2″) have been repaired to border area. Poster appears to have never been folded (?!) No other restoration work is visable.



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