Pushover, Half Sheet

Kim Novak is no Pushover

Salute Kim Novak.  Who would have thought Miss Deep Freeze 1950 was a real life Femme Fatale? So many honeys talk the talk, but few can walk the walk. Let us count the ways:

1.  According to Wikipedia* femme fatale is French for “deadly woman”.  According to Hollywood lore, Columbia Picture’s King of Crude, Harry Cohn keeled over for good upon reading clippings about Novak cavorting with the Candyman –Sammy Davis Jr.

2. The Femme Fatale hoodwinks men with “beauty, lies and sex.” Hmmm. Obviously a male definition. Men chase after gorgeous gals, obstacles be damned.  A hoodwinked man is a dumped man.

3. In social life the Femme Fatale “tortures her lover with an asymmetrical relationship denying

Measurements 37-23-37

confirmation of her affection”. In less than ten years, Novak was able to carry out an astounding number of affairs simultaneously. I’m torpedoing my own theory here but, her list of famous conquests reads less like the scheming machinations of a femme fatale and more like a British bedroom farce on crack. Read the link above and listen to the bedroom doors slam.

4. The fatale is “well-endowed” (Novak was 37-23-37 according to Celebrity Sleuth)

5.”Although evil, sometimes they repent their evil ways and become heroines by the end of the tale”.  Evil, no. Fed up? Probably. By 1976 Novak marries a veterinarian– and devotes the rest of her life to saving animals. A well-trod path for the Fatale that is heading out to pasture retired.

Kim Novak did not grace the silver screen for a very long time. And she received no formal training. But she managed to compile an impressive body of work. Like George Raft she turned down some pretty amazing parts (Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Cleopatra, Harlow, The Hustler, The Sandpiper, Animal House). But one script that no actress would never reject would be the opportunity to play the real Kim Novak.

*I’ll refer to Wikipedia’s definition for inspiration.


Fine, Very Fine. 1954 Half Sheet. Pushover,1954 Half Sheet for sale .Fine, Half sheet has been folded. Minor color loss in one spot at crease edge. Minor tears at edges of poster at fold lines. Corner missing (1/2″). No backing on this particular half sheet. Colors are still very bright.




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