Don’t Bother To Knock, Original Vintage Half Sheet

Don’t Bother To Knock

If you Google “Marilyn Monroe, Don’t Bother To Knock“, Marilyn Monroe you will get 49,300 responses. I won’t waste your time.

But….as an ex ad-bitch I can’t resist pointing out the obviously misleading marketing ploy with regard to the poster:

Crazy Marilyn

Sell Sexy Marilyn

Marilyn never wore the cherry red sparkly bustier in the movie. In fact, Marilyn went out and purchased a cheap shift off the rack for her character. Also, Marilyn strikes an exaggerated come hither pose while Widmark leers doorside. Is Marilyn a wanton Las Vegas showgirl? No! Throughout most of the movie, Marilyn actually looks looks like she’s having a nervous breakdown. Oh Wait! She is having one. Duh. Well that won’t sell.

Mischief by C. Armstrong

Marilyn’s practiced appearance shows that Marilyn read the book the film was based upon, Mischief. Charlotte Armstrong published Mischief in 1950. One of Armstrong’s earlier efforts, The Unsuspected, had been adapted into a top noir thriller.  Don’t Bother to Knock was Marilyn’s first dramatic role and she wanted it to be a hit as well. It was important that she get it right. Check out how her facial features mirror the book cover: Perfection.

Poster Condition:

Very Good. 1952, Don’t Bother To Knock, Original vintage Half Sheet, 22″ x 28″. Paperbacked. Some conservation performed many years ago at time of paperbacking(?) Very light tanning.



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