Soylent Green, Paperback

Soylent Green

by Harry Harrison

For those of you of a certain age, Charlton Heston was the uber anti-hero of the 1970’s. You could always count on the scantily clad Heston to keep the world safe from creepy apes, natural disasters, and various plane and submarine malfunctions. Prior to this, of course, Heston served as a model/actor for largely inaccurate religious soap docudramas in the 50’s and early 60’s.

Some hail the Ten Commandments as Heston’s career pinnacle; still others, Ben Hur or the Planet of the Apes series. But, for me Soylent Green wins out on sheer sophistication, cheap creeps, and eerie prophetic moments.

Edward G. Robinson the old scamp, actually manipulated  Heston into a good performance in this film. Soylent Green was to be Robinson’s 109th and final film and he knew it. The movies were his life and there was no way he was going to let ANYTHING screw up his denouement. Fittingly, Robinson’s last big scene was a deathbed scene in which he reminisces about the way the world used to be and what was to become of it in the future. Prior to filming, Robinson shared with his old Ten Commandments comrade that he was dying of cancer. When the scene was filmed Heston could barely contain his shaking sobs. Viola! Movie magic at it’s best.

Read this book, watch the movie (if you can find it) and see why this is still considered after 30 years a sci fi great — and not for the kiddies.

Condition: Good. Light tanning. Super rare book


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