Dirty Harry, Original Half Sheet

Dirty Harry

Clint Eastwood is a primo example that you don’t need  to “act” to be an Academy Award winning artiste. Does Clint bellow like Brando? Hem and haw like Stewart? Lisp like Olivier? Hell no. He doesn’t have to. He’s got Props  baby. Like boob jobs and botox, the right props can elevate a B-list actor into the stratosphere. Mr. Eastwood’s career serves as a case study:

Ponchos and Cigarellos

Original Vintage Italian 1967 2-fogli*

Rawhide– sheer cheesecake. But no career traction. Ciao Italia. As the star of Sergio Leone’s  “Dollars Trilogy”, Clint is no longer restrained by macho American sensibilities.  As “The Man with No Name”, Clint transforms himself into a uber vaquero with super model panache. Swingy poncho, black hat, skinny cigarello. . . Fantastico! A screen legend is born.

Badass Hand Cannons & Color Blocking

1971, International stardom achieved, but still not on par with Liz and Dick. What will do the trick? Clint ups the ante with the bold move of mixing tailored tweeds, vibrant vests and a shockingly huge gun. So prescient. Imagine the blokes in the Burberry ads with Smith and Wessons.  Seethe a few acerbic one-liners and we have another series of hits. Liz and Dick; road kill.

Cheesecake Clint

“Nothing wrong with shooting…as long as the right people get shot.
Clint Eastwood as Harry Callahan in  Dirty Harry

Loosing It

Never play opposite children and animals. Blah. Blah. Blah. Everyone thought Any Which Way But Loose was a stupid idea. Clint ignored them and cozied up to Clyde the orangutang.  Critics be damned, these flicks were his most profitable.

No monkees on his back, fer sure.


Near Mint. Dirty Harry. Vintage Original Half Sheet. 1971. Paper backed. Professionally restored (fold lines and pin holes).

Vaquero Noir:  I  have a copy of an Italian 2-folio, 39″ x 55″. (1970’s re-release) of Per Qualche Dollaro in Piu available for sale.

Believe it or not Per Qualche Dollaro in Piu  IS NOIR derivative. YES.  Akira Kurosawa’s Yojimbo (the basis for this flick) was inspired by Dashiell Hammett’s novel Red Harvest. Too Cool.

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