Fly By Night, 1942 Original Half Sheet


Fly By Night Plot Synopsis:

Inmate escapes from looney bin. Inmate hitchhikes a ride at gunpoint with hunky doctor*. Hitchhiker turns out to be mad scientist’s assistant that has been held captive by evil Nazis spies seeking secret military stuff. When assistant is suddenly snuffed out, doc is suspected of murder. Doc escapes and holds sexy sassy lass hostage while they search for nazi killers. True love, wedding intrigue and nazi capture follow. All is resolved in a gunfight by blind scientists.

Script by Sidney Sheldon.

Yes. That Sidney Sheldon. Way way before international best sellers The Other Side of Midnight, Bloodline, Master of the Game, and way before I Dream of Jeannie and The Patty Duke Show, and way before Easter Parade and Annie Get your Gun, Sidney Sheldon was writing  scripts for Universal Studios.

Sheldon’s I Dream of Jeannie

Sheldon started working at Universal Studios as a script reader in 1937. He often teamed up with collaborator Ben Roberts to write a number of “b” movies. Including this wacky noir hybrid. It is interesting to note that 30 years prior to the publication of Master of the Game (1973) the basic plot devices that he became famous for are already apparent: numerous cliffhangers; a strong female lead; fast-paced action, and snappy dialougue. The only difference is a lack of bling bling and steamy sex scenes.

It’s also worthwhile to note that this is Robert Siodmak’s first American film. Although primarily known for noir and horror, this “slapstick” flick demonstrates he had a remarkable gift for comedic timing as well.


Near Mint. Fly By Night. 1942. Original Vintage Half Sheet. Paperback. Light restoration at folds. Colors are very bright for a 70-year-old poster with little restoration.

*Richard Carlson, also starred in The Creature from the Black Lagoon(1954), and It Came from Outer Space (1953)


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