Possessed, Half Sheet


Behold my numero uno trashtastic star, Joan Crawford. The fire in the eye of Blake’s tiger could never match the combustion in Crawford’s peepers when she gazed at an Academy Award. . . new boy toy. . .or vodka bottle!

Most stars need to step way out of their comfort zone to win an Oscar. Not Joan. She won her second Best Actress nod for playing a basket case in Possessed. Most critics consider this her finest moment. Joan acknowledged to quite a few people that it was her super favorite role.

Where's the Vodka?

Where’s the Vodka?

We meet our star, “Louise Howell”, wandering the streets of LA asking strangers for “David”. (Rags by Adrian in his final turn as Crawford’s costumer.) We found out that Louise is a Jane Doe in a mental hospital. Her story unfolds in woozy flashbacks. We quickly find out David (Van Heflin) is a love interest — that dumps her like a rock. But Louise can’t shake that lovin’ feeling. Each time she sees David she throws herself at him, much to his amusement.

Frustrated she decides to make him jealous by marrying her boss after his wife dies (mysteriously, of course). Problem is, Joan/Louise was her nurse — oophs! Kids don’t like that and make it clear that life is going to be hell for step-mommie. Geraldine Brooks stars as Daddie’s little teen monster. The dead wife, the monster teen and lover-boy merge to create a heap of trouble.

Possessed was Joan’s follow-up to her Academy Award winning performance in  Mildred Pierce, and another waltz out of the comfort zone as a boozy socialite in Humoresque. This completed her in your face! trifecta come back at Warner Brothers. What a Roll! At this point in her career Joan was once again partying hard as a bachelorette after divorcing Phil Terry and adopting four kiddies.

Her libation of choice? Vodka 140 proof. No mixers Please.


Condition: Possessed. Half Sheet. 1947. Original.  Fine – Near Mint. Poster has been professionally  paper backed.

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