Witness to Murder 

Two of my faves, Barbara Stanwyck and George Sanders pair up in Witness to Murder. Stanwyck, now in her fifth decade, continues milking her alternate noir persona as woman in peril (See Sorry, Wrong Number). Barbara Stanwyck looks out the window and witnesses a murder. Sanders, the murderer, manages to convince everyone that she’s looney tunes. So is it off to the nut house for Babs, or the big house for Georgie Boy? Hmmm.

I am a huge Stanwyck fan, but this film is not my favorite. Fortunately, Saunders is his usual slimy fun self. If you caught The Night Manager on AMC, I am certain that Hugh Laurie was channeling Sanders for his role as Roper, the villainous arms trader.

George Sanders, Renaissance Cad

Memoirs of a Professional Cad

Memoirs of a Professional Cad

If you are a George Sanders fan, pick up his autobiography, Memoirs of a Professional Cad. A real hoot. Sanders suggested the title A Dreadful Man for his biography, which was later written by his pal Brian Aherne and published in 1979. It’s a better title, but not a better book.

It’s funny that the titles of these books play up Sander’s swashbuckling ways with the ladies and the artwork makes use of the Gabors in particular when in fact he is a far more interesting person than his publicity and wit will admit. Standing nearly 6’4″ with eyes of blue; George Sanders spoke 5 languages, played the piano, guitar and saxophone and sang professionally. He also knew enough engineering to rewire electrical units, rebuild car parts, and build furniture. Even more impressive he invented things (like what, I don’t know) and owned several patents.



Witness To Murder, 1954 half sheet for sale. This poster was folded at one time, but the fold lines are nearly invisible. It was originally displayed in a frame, and there are faint ripples in the paper that would be easily flattened out either by mounting to an acid-free backing or a proper framing. No pin-holes, tears, or stains .

The graphics in this poster are tres smokin’! Check out the the Vertigo-ish yellow and orange square spiral .  And the black and white photo with the pale blue mezzotint overlay effect looks like rain.

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