Barbara Stanwyck in No Man of her Own

Barbara Stanwyck in No Man of her Own

No Man of Her Own 1950


Women with amnesia – the flip side of the femme fatale. The femme fatale always know more than she lets on .. the amnesiac (always a woman) knows way less.

In No Man of her Own, Stanwyck combines both film noir tropes. A down on her luck femme fatale that fakes amnesia to fit in with a rich family. (Just watch for the Hollywood plot on this one).

Alas, the old peeps from your past always have to pop up again to cause trouble — especially in noir. Just when Stanwyck is getting the hang of the whole rich lifestyle, and hey! might even get a rich husband to boot — in walks the heel that kicked her to the curb at the beginning of the movie. Now why he should come looking for her is a plot mystery, but hey, now things get more interesting.

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